Q. Can you……………?

A. Ask us – we probably can! We are here to help – we are friendly, professional and love chatting Cakes, so please ask us! But here are some frequently asked questions that may be of some help to you!

We have categorized the questions for you under the following headings:

Cake Design

Pricing, Payment and Ordering Information

Delivery Questions

Cakes, Icings and Fillings

Top Ornaments, Figures and Plaques

Other Questions



Cake Design:

Q. Can you make a Cake that looks like this/like my idea?

A. Yes! Ideas for Cakes are only limited by the imagination! Fondant is a wonderfully pliable medium and Cake itself can be sculpted. I have not yet had a Cake that I have been unable to do!


Q. Can you make a Decoration like one I have seen?

A. Yes, we usually can. Sometimes it is impossible to source a mould used but we can do something very similar. Just send or show us the pictures you have and we can discuss it.


Q. Can you Design a Cake from my ideas?

A. Yes we have a special design service – see our Design Service page. Briefly, we will listen to your ideas and any photos you may have and discuss all the relevant points to enable you to get the Cake you want – not what we want to do. We can do drawings to help you visualise it more clearly.


Q. Can you give me some ideas?

A. Yes we definitely can. We have magazines and books in abundance with Traditional, Contemporary, Novelty, Cupcakes – as well as our own ideas. We are still hoping someone will want an Easter Egg shaped Wedding Cake, like a Faberge Egg!


Q. Do you do Stacked Cakes?

A. Yes we frequently do this style (no pillars between the tiers of cakes) or a mixture of stacked and pillars – particularly effective using taller pillars.


Q. Do you do Cupcakes/Mini Cupcakes/Muffins/Miniature Cakes?

A.  Yes to all of these!




Pricing, Payment and Ordering Information:


Q. How much will my Cake cost?

A. The price of a cake is determined by the ingredients and size plus the time taken to do the decoration – the more time-consuming and intricate the design, the more the cake will cost. I can give an exact price once we have discussed all the relevant factors of size, type of cake, filling, icing and decoration required. An average Birthday Cake is between £50 and £90. A 3 tier Wedding Cake is between £160 and £350, though they can go up further if particularly large, intricate or time-consuming.


Q. Can you make a cake for my Company’s special event?

A. Yes we can definitely make a cake that will be the centrepiece of your event! The cake can be shaped like a product, the Company Logo or Company Colours. Or the product, Logo and/or Colours can be put on variously shaped cakes. Please contact us for further information.


Q. How can I pay for my Cake?

A. You can pay by Cheque, Cash or by Bank Transfer.  I am sorry but we do not take Credit or Debit cards.


Q. How do I order a Cake?

A. You can order by phone, in person by appointment, by email or by post. At present we do not have an on line system to order cakes as our cakes are highly personalised.


Q. When do I order a Cake?

A. The earlier the better! This ensures that the date you require the cake is available and subsequently booked for your Cake.


Q. Do you do cakes at short notice?

A. Yes we have done many cakes at short notice when we can – even a Wedding Cake for the next day.


Q. What happens after ordering my Cake?

A. A deposit of one third is taken to confirm the order. The balance is paid one month before the cake is required. We can make other arrangements for clients – please ask if you would like to pay the balance in a different manner. You will be given (or sent by email or post) the written order with all the relevant details of the Cake/s, price, contact details etc. It also shows the deposit and acts as your receipt.



Delivery Questions:


Q. Can you deliver my Cake?

A. Yes we do deliver.


Q. Can you set up my Cake at the venue?

A. Yes we can do this.


Q. What are delivery charges?

A. The charge depends on the distance. Typically it is £25 for a venue up to 10 miles away, including setting it up.


Q. What do I do if I need to change the delivery time or date?

A.  Let us know as soon as this is known or you think it may be necessary to change it. We will always try and accommodate our clients.


Q. Can you deliver long distances?

A. We will either deliver the Cake ourselves or use a special courier – post is definitely not an option! We will need to know the delivery address and time so that we can advise you of the charge. It is not a problem to deliver anywhere in Britain



Cakes, Icings and Fillings:


Q. Can you colour-match Icings to my Wedding/Event’s theme?

A. Yes we can. Food colourings are like an artist’s palette and we frequently match as nearly as possible to the colour of the Event’s theme, ribbon, invitation, business colours and Logos etc. We always use edible colouring, dusting powders and glitter.


Q. Can I have different types of Cakes and Fillings in my Tiered Cake?

A. Yes. Each tier can be any cake – a heavy cake such as fruit can be above sponge due to the support being on the lower cake’s cake board, not on the icing..


Q. What types of Cake and filling can I have?

A. Our most popular Cakes are Victoria Sponge with Raspberry Jam and Vanilla Buttercream, our Signature Chocolate Fudge Cake with Cherry Jam and Vanilla Buttercream and our own recipe Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese filling. We can also make other Cakes and fillings. Such as Sticky Toffee Cake – especially for Cupcakes

with Sticky Toffee Buttercream, Lemon Cake with Lemon Curd and Buttercream, Marshmallow Frosting, Chocolate or Vanilla Gateau, Ganache, Fresh Cream etc. We make all the cakes and fillings ourselves from fresh ingredients and we make our own delicious Chocolate Fondant with quality Belgian Chocolate.


Q. Why do you stress you make your own cakes etc – surely every professional does?

A. Unfortunately that is not the case. If you look in the back of Wedding Cake magazines you will see adverts for ready made Sponge and Fruit Cakes, including Cupcakes. Decorating Suppliers also have ready mixed or ready-to-mix fillings such as Buttercream etc.


Q. Do you do Royal Iced Cakes?

A. Yes we do. It is very rare to do this these days due to the onset of Fondant (ready-to-roll icing), which allows quicker application and because of this Sponge can be used, which most people prefer. Royal Icing is traditionally applied in the following way: – On a square cake the two opposing sides have a very thin layer applied and left to dry for a day, then the other sides are applied and left to dry again, then the top is iced and left to dry for a day. This is not the end as there are 3 layers!. It therefore takes 9 days to ice the cake (6 for round cakes). See * below to see some interesting history on Royal Iced Cakes.


However, we can make the Royal icing softer than it used to be and use hollow pillars with dowel to support the top tiers on the solid cake board rather than on the icing of the cake below. We have been able to cut the previous time of 9 days to two, thus enabling us to use Sponge Cakes (although we also do a very moist rich fruit cake  -no peel unless requested). This gives a very good finish and is still proper Royal Icing, but without the need for a chisel. Fondant cakes have rounded top edges, whereas Royal Icing gives a 90 degree angle and is usually piped at the edge..


There is a Royal Iced Sponge cake in our picture gallery – earlier Royal Icing Cakes photographs are not of sufficient quality for our website but can be seen in our albums.


*Royal Icing was the only medium in Britain for most Cakes, but especially for the traditional 3 tiered Wedding Cake. Most cakes had very hard icing, so, to prevent the fruit cake from squashing when cut, the cake was hard and often dry. To give an ides on how hard the icing was, when it was dry (between applying each layer) the icing was sanded! Yes, with fine DIY sandpaper – not recommended now! Another issue was the pillars to support the top tiers were solid and the top tiers were directly supported by the icing on the cakes below. So if the icing was soft the pillars would sink into the lower cake unevenly and would likely fall off,


Q. Do you do Cakes with other Icings on the top, such as Buttercream, Fudge, Marshmallow Frosting?

A. Yes we do – we make our own Chocolate fondant using quality Belgian chocolate (white chocolate if it is to be coloured), which is delicious. We also make all the other coverings mentioned above as well as other types. Just ask us – we are here to help.


Q. Is coloured Icing/’Paint’/Coloured Dusting/Glitter edible?

A. All the colours we use are edible, including on keepsakes such as Cake Toppers and Plaques. We use colours (whether glitter, paint or dusting powders) that are ‘non toxic’ and, most importantly, stated as ‘edible’.


Q. Can you make Gluten/Dairy/Nut/Egg Free Cakes?

A. Yes we do, including more than one allergen. However, we have not yet found a Vegan recipe that we are happy to use – if you have one we would be happy to try it out! Also we need to point out that our kitchen uses these allergens at other times and other ingredients in products we use may use allergens in their factory. However we are as vigilant as possible when making these cakes.


Q. What happens if I want to change the Type of Cake, Filling or Icing that I ordered?

A. Let us know as quickly as possible! We will try and accommodate changes as we want our client’s to be happy with their Cake.



Top Ornaments, Figures and Plaques:


Q. Do you make Cake Top Ornaments/Toppers/Plaques?

A. Yes. We have many Icing items on show at our premises that are 20 years old (or more), which highlight the longevity of such keepsakes as well as the many different ways they can be made. Our Gallery shows many of these – from flowers, to motorbikes, churches to Bride and Groom Figures.


Q. Can I use my own Cake Topper/Ornament

A. Yes you can. We want our client’s to be delighted with their finished Cake and, although we love doing all the decorations, if clients want their own item on it we are happy to oblige


Q. How long will my Cake Top Ornament/Toppers/Plaques last?

A. Many, many years. We have many Icing items on show at our premises that are 20 years old (or more), which highlight the longevity of such keepsakes as well as the many different ways they can be made.


Q. How should I keep my Cake Top Ornament/Toppers/Plaques?

A. The main thing is to keep the item under a cover – in a glass dome is wonderful, but acrylic works the same. Ours have been kept in (or under) clear sweet type boxes, which can be purchased very cheaply or simply eat the contents and use for your keepsake! The main need is to keep the dust off and keep it out of direct sunlight. The items are made of Sugar and are likely to break if dropped so thing of them as fine china.


Q. Do you make Bride and Groom Top Ornaments?

A. Yes. We can make them as people, mice, teddies etc. All in our own Special Icing or in the same icing (Fondant) used to cover the cake. Our Special Icing is finer, dries harder and is better if the item is to be kept.


Q. Can you make Bride and Groom Top Ornaments to look like the real Bride and Groom?

A.  Yes we can. See our Picture Gallery – we have even had a couple’s dog made in icing sat between the happy couple.


Q. Can you make the Wedding Dress, Jewellery, Bouquet, Suit etc to look like the real Bride and Groom’s

A. Yes we can. See our Picture Gallery for examples. We use photographs and information supplied to create items similar to the real Bride and Groom. We copy hairstyles, colouring etc to create a more personal Cake Topper. There is so much that can be created in Icing!



Other Questions:


Q. Do you hire out Cake Tins or see decorating items?

A. We hire Cake tins of all shapes and sizes. Generally the charge is £5 plus a deposit, refunded on return of the tin. Although we are not a Cake decoration supplier we have been known to help out people when we can


Q. Will you ice a Cake made by me or a relative?

A. We know many places won’t do this, and we understand their reasons why, but we will. However we must have suitable cakes or we will have to charge for the extra time to fill in holes or reshape the cake (yes it has happened!). If there is no problem with the cake there is no charge.


Q. Do you do Tuition?

A. Yes we can do 1:1 or 1:2 tuition. Contact us for further details.


Q. Do you do make Favours for Weddings, Christenings, Special Events?

A. Yes we make Fudges, Marshmallows, Truffles etc. Please telephone for further information


Q. What size Cake’s should I have/What size is a portion?

A. The Traditional size for one Wedding Cake portion is 1” x 1” (2.5cms x 2.5cms) or the equivalent 2” x ½ “ (5cms x 1.25 cms). This is still used today, whether for Fruit Cakes or Sponge Cakes. However, people sometimes prefer a double sized portion of 2” x 1” (5cms x 2.5cms) for Sponges. We can accommodate larger portions if required – for example if the Cake is instead of a dessert.


Portions Calculation: For a 10” Square cake with 1” x 1” portions  times 10 by 10 – i.e. you get 100 portions. To calculate a 10” round cake take off one third – i.e.  67 portions. If double sized portions are required, simply halve it! So the 10” square gives 50 double sized portions, the 10” round 33 portions. Or we can always calculate it.


When cutting a Cake it is easier to do it like a grid (i.e. in vertical and horizontal lines, not in slices) regardless of the cake’s shape.